May 292011
Kuban Stadium - Russian Premier League

The Kuban Stadium - Krasnodar

If the events of last night’s Champions League final have left you desperate for yet more football, you could watch the English League 1 playoff final today, between two of the most promising teams around the lower leagues – Huddersfield Town and Peterborough United. But what after that?


Well, you could follow one of the more exciting leagues in Europe – the Russian Premier League – which for the last time will be taking place in the summer months, as they are due to switch to the same timing as the other major leagues next season. The league now features another top flight derby match to go with the several Moscow derbies, as there are two teams from Krasnodar – FC Kuban Krasnodar, and FC Krasnodar – both of whom play at the Kuban Stadium (pictured). Keep checking Soccer Football for more information and regular Russian Premier League updates.

Then we have the transfer merry go round which takes place during the off season, where the transfer of just one player can initiate a flurry of player movement, as managers look to replace their star player with someone equally as competent, but maybe less costly. We will bring you some insight on the main stories, and plenty random speculation and gossip about transfers which will never happen – surely they’ll never happen.

Will Neymar end up at Chelsea as everyone suggests? Or will QPR snatch him from under their noses, along with a timely interception of David De Gea on his way up to Manchester.

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